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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP and OSIsoft Join Forces

Listen to the recording from the Webinar on July 24 to hear how SAP and OSIsoft are helping their customers deliver new levels of business insights and decisions. >>Recording

Our hyper-connected world is generating increasing amounts of data for both business and industrial operations. Traditionally, IT and OT systems have been deployed and operated independently, creating information silos. There is a new, transformative opportunity to combine both business and operations data to deliver novel and actionable insights using advanced analytics and visualization.

In light of this, SAP and OSIsoft are closely partnering to combine SAP’s leadership in the business software and platform technology with OSIsoft’s leadership in operations and sensor-based data infrastructure.

Listen to the >>Recording of the Webinar to learn more about how SAP and OSIsoft are helping customers utilize a data-driven approach to improve business models, support business transformation, and thrive in a competitive environment.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how SAP and OSIsoft are collaborating
  • Discover how SAP and OSIsoft improve the utilization of data across the enterprise
  • Find out how the combination of SAP HANA-based solutions and the OSIsoft’s PI System supports the adoption of the Internet of Things, enabling sensor-based data to be securely combined with business data
  • Hear from shared SAP and OSIsoft customers on how to benefit from the IT/OT convergence of data silos between business and operations systems, turning insight into action


Peter Maier

General Manager Energy and Natural Resources Industries

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy
Founder and CEO