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Hi Folks,

Today let’s discuss about reconciliation key concept of ISU FICA. Here we will learn and see how the concept works and I will show you with screenshots about how to check if the FICA postings are actually posted in FI.

As a general definition we know that Reconciliation key stores the posting made in the GL accounts and when the recon keys are closed and transferred to FI the totals are posted in the GL. Let us see the entire thing happen and the related TCODES.

Wish you a very happy read.

The GL account postings can be seen by the tcode: FBL3N.

Let us view of the cash desk clearing GL account initially. We will see all items which are posted today's date.

Now I am taking a Payment from cash desk with the following attributes as seen in the following screen:

Payment is posted in the Reconciliation key ‘my_recon99’.

Let’s see the FPL9 view of the contract account after payment.

We see that the payment is posted in the SAP system under document 30000000608 and a part of the open item is cleared.

Now let’s check if the same amount is posted in the GL account after the payment is posted or not.

Sorry still no items are posted in the GL Account. In order to post the amount in the GL account we need to transfer the Reconciliation key into FI. In order to transfer we need to close the recon key so that no further postings can be done into the same reconciliation key.

In order to do this execute the tcode FPF2.

The status of the recon key ‘my_recon99’ is as the following screen shot shows:

The status of the reconciliation key after making the payment. The recon key is open and further postings can be made in the recon key.

We close the recon key.

After the recon key is closed key the status of the recon key becomes as below:

Now in order to transfer the FICA total records to the FI GL execute the Tcode FPG1.

The recon key attributes changes to the following status: check with tcode FPF2

Now let’s see what does the GL status is in TCode: FBL3N

So now you can see the postings are made to the GL account.

Once GL posting is done you will find the amount have been posted in the table BKPF.

So guys that's all for today.

Please let me know if this document did some value addition to your knowledge-base.

See you in my next document, till then take care of the Love of your Life.

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