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The SAP Utilities invoice print process can provide challenges when presenting the customer’s account summary.  A common account summary presentation is as follows:


The calculated total amount due is then compared to the SAP invoice table (ERDK) total amount due.  If there is a discrepancy, the invoice should not be distributed to the customer until further action is taken.  Note:  The SAP invoice table total amount due is determined differently than how the invoice presentation is done in that it’s simply current charges (billing and FICA) plus open items.


A key factor in successfully presenting the customer account summary is the previous invoice decision.

Typically, the previous invoice follows one of two options:

Option 1:   The previous ‘good’ invoice …




The 1:1 level PREV_DOC_H (Header of Previous Print Document with Time Data) in the SAP Utilities form class IS_U_BI_BILL (IS-U Bill) provides the previous ‘good’ invoice.



Option 2:  The last invoice the customer received …




The decision to use this option adds more complexity to the invoice application form print logic due to the required cancelation adjustment.

It may not appear so in the simple example above, but the complexity increases based on the previous invoice scenario and the manner in which the invoice details are presented.  More challenging scenarios can be:

  • FICA document(s) with due date synchronization

  • Installment plan(s) with due date synchronization

  • Budget billing true up occurring

  • One contract on budget billing and one not

  • Multiple months of billing



If SAP Utilities invoice print is presenting financial account summary challenges, review the previous invoice decision to potentially improve the chances of print success.