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SAP continues to enable our Partner community to position SAP solutions to our customers.   In the Partner Demo Environment, SAP has end-to-end, ready-to-run, most relevant online and offline demo scenarios available for our partners to use.  Demo scenario details are provided in the SAP Demo Store, and can be filtered by Industry.     

For partners in the Utilities industry, the SAP Demo Store has over 20 industry ready-to-use demos.  Partners can show their customers key scenarios in all the Utilities Industry areas, including Asset Management, Service Cloud (C4C), S/4HANA for Utilities (IS-U) and SAP Utilities Core relevant demos. More Utilities Industry demos will come soon. You can access the SAP Demo Store in this web page: SAPDemoStore. 

With the Partner Demo Environment, partners get access to an integrated, pre-scripted shared demo environment that helps you:

  • Showcase demos for the most relevant Intelligent Enterprise solutions.

  • Drive adoption with your customers

  • Grow and evolve your own business. 

The Qualification Criteria to use the SAP Demo Store:

Partner account with valid SAP PartnerEdge Partnership status (valid partners in the “Build”, “Run”, “Sell”, “Service” engagement model) or Global Strategic Services Partners in Manage My Partnership application  AND

  • Partner Account with valid Partner E-signer in Manage My Users application (Security Managers only) AND

  • Minimum 1 user must have shared demo validation not older than 12 months. 

A worthy document to review to assist partner awareness for next steps is the Next Generation PDE Quick Guide.

mateu.munar amy.einolf michael.bell01 christopher.pfendner can be contacted for additional information.