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There are scenarios where you want to create multiple contracts under the same Contract Account. This can be achieved using the same Master Data Template that I have created in my first document Master Data Template in I-SU – Data Creation with Ease.

It’s advisable that you go through the document above, before continue with the details below.

The following is the data model that we want to achieve.

The execution is very simple – all you need is to include three values from the initial set of data to your second execution

  • Address number
  • Partner number
  • Contract account number

The defaults on the nodes (Business Partner, BP Address, and Contract Account) will not matter as long as the three values above are supplied.

Above is our initial data. Observed that Business Partner and Contract Account are showing as “created”.

This is the second contract that is created using the three values from the initial data. Observed that the Business Partner and Contract Account are now showing as “changed”.

You have now successfully created data matching our data model as shown above.

Hope that you like this document and find it helpful in your data creation.