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Join our executives in this upcoming event about bringing value to customers in energy and natural resources through best-in-class solutions and high-quality delivery.

Register: In case you have problems registering contact the Partner Helpline.

EMEA / North America


SAP always was present in the Energy and Natural Resources industries.
Some of the largest and longest standing SAP customers are part of these industries. SAP plans to continue their commitment to expand its presence in the industries over the next several years.

We invite our partners to join us in planning for great success in 2014. Join our executives in this webinar to get updated about SAP Energy and Natural Resources corporate strategy in 2014. Learn how SAP will continue to bring value to ENR customers through best-in class solutions and high-quality delivery - in close alignment with our partners.

Find out:

  • how to learn more and stay updated about SAP’s Energy and Natural Resources Solutions
  • how to get enabled to position SAP in the Energy and Natural Resources Industries
  • how to ensure trained resources to meet increasing demand for SAP implementations.
  • how to leverage new and different SAP partner programs to create breakthrough business opportunities in the SAP Energy and Natural Resources market.


  • Welcome note and introduction:
    • Energy and Resources – the primary sector
    • Our customers, our achievements in 2013, our goals for 2014
    • Partner co-innovation and GTM collaboration

  • Industry introduction (Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mill & Mining) – physical or video (10 min each)
    • Industry trends
    • Executive overview
    • Value map
    • Vertical business priorities
    • Key areas of collaboration with partners (co-innovation, GTM, etc.)

  • Call to Action and next steps
    • Enablement series continues
    • Educate yourselves about Energy and Resources
    • Think about co-innovation
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