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Companies from asset-Intensive industries like Utilities, O&G or Chemicals are forced to run a continuously growing number of capital and investment projects to ensure market competitiveness, comply with environmental regulations or achieve operational excellence. These capital projects can include e.g. the construction of new power plants or production capacities, upgrades of existing facilities, extensions or maintenance of the distribution networks or implementation of energy savings measures.

Running large scale billion dollar program requires asset intensive companies to continuously optimize the project portfolio and monitor the performance of the capital investments in real time. These companies need to select, prioritize and execute projects and manage the related resources, cost and budget data effectively throughout the entire capital project lifecycle. But relevant project data often is spread across disparate systems, with business decisions being made based on information that is neither timely nor accurate. Companies can improve process efficiency by incorporating effective project controls and collaboration tools, increasing process transparency, and optimizing overall project profitability.

Instituting an effective capital portfolio and project management strategy can help improve project performance, success rates and revenues and reduce budget overruns, start-up delays, and underutilized resources.

Optimize your Capital Project Portfolio with SAP

SAP’s End-to-End solution for Capital Portfolio and Project Management provides the capability to collaboratively assess investment opportunities, priorities, and risks, and govern project execution from inception to closure.

With this solution Project Management Organizations can gain visibility into all aspects of ongoing and proposed capital projects to effectively align business objectives with capital project portfolios. Strategic business and capital investment decisions can be made objectively based on readily available information such as portfolio value, capital budgets, and financial and project performance data. To align objectives with portfolios consistently requires managing scope, progress, issues, resources, budgets, and costs using tightly integrated information and well-defined processes.

Based on SAP’s solution information generated throughout the project lifecycle can captured in a timely fashion and made available to support sound business decisions.

SAP’s solution for Capital Portfolio and Project Management includes

- SAP Portfolio and Project Management

- SAP Commercial Project Management

- SAP Enterprise Project Connection

- SAP ERP Project Systems

SMART Business Dashboard - Project Execution

If you want to learn more on how these solutions can help you manage capital projects more efficiently, join us at the International Utilities Conference in Berlin, April 13-15 2015.

Come to Workshop 14: Managing the Capital Project Lifecycle with SAP, on April 13th, and find out more about the solution key capabilities and see hands-on in our live demos how this works in the system.

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