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Product and Topic Expert
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SAP Startup Focus invites you to attend our online SAP HANA Showcase for Utilities/Oil & Gas solutions.

The 60 minute showcase will feature SAP HANA solutions by Startup Focus members AppOrchid, Choice, and Flutura.

Join us to learn how revolutionary companies in the SAP Startup Focus portfolio are changing the business landscape with solutions built on SAP HANA.

AppOrchid - The Easiest Way to Realize the Business Value of SAP HANA
Blended risks, opportunities, and cost savings are a combination of structured and unstructured data. AppOrchid’s cognitive solution elucidates ambient intelligence to provide insight for improved processes. The solution uses SAP HANA technology to quickly build multi-device cognitive apps across structured and textual data sources spanning the Internet of Things to address risk and increase roductivity.

Choice Energy Intelligence
Theft Detection and Energy Recovery for Utilities
Fraud and energy theft are major challenges and ongoing threats for utility companies. The Revenue Intelligence© from Choice is an SAP HANA solution that delivers real-time analytics capacity with high performance data storage. The solution allows users to manage and reduce fraud and threats by detecting those activities and evaluating financial repercussions while selecting the best action to mitigate losses.

Flutura - Safety 360 for Zero Unsafe Behaviors and Conditions
The Oil & Gas industry is plagued by safety risks despite the immense regulatory thrust and mechanisms in place. Safety is a very complex area primarily due to human behavior and asset integrity. The Flutura Cerebra Safety 360 solution is the key to getting companies to ‘zero unsafe behaviors and conditions.'

Learn how customers will benefit from a completely re-imagined approach to business technology.

SAP HANA. Real-time Analytics. Real-time Applications. Real-time Platform.

The online event will be held on April 28, 2015:
San Francisco, California 7:30am
New York, New York 10:30am
Berlin, Germany 4:30pm
Bangalore, India 9:00pm

Benefits of Attending:

  • Advanced access to breakthrough technologies and companies leveraging SAP HANA to dramatically improve the way businesses function and succeed.
  • One online event that connects you with 3 startups from the U.S., Europe and India, giving you the chance to spot global trends.
  • A face-to-face chance to speak with the companies and individuals behind game-changing solutions.Explore technologies that can   help ensure a competitive advantage.
  • A highly concentrated opportunity to hear what others think about disruptive and innovative SAP HANA solutions.

Please visit the webinar site for eventdetails.

Register here!