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We had a requirement in our project to interpolate the move in read based on the move out reading. The move-in was performed a day after the move-out and it was required to copy the move-out reading into the move-in reading. We achieved this through the below config.


Picture 1 : SAP Utilities->Device Management->Meter Reading->Basic Settings->Define Control Parameters for Meter Reading Data Processing





Picture 2 : Click the execute button highlighted in picture 1 to get the below screen


Picture 3 : Then under SAP Utilities->Device Management->Meter Reading->Meter Reading Order->Order Creation->Define Automatic Interpolation of Meter Reading Reasons


Picture 4: On clicking the execute button highlighted in picture 3 we will get the below screen. Note that we have marked the 'Auto Interpolation' field for the move in read reason.



Picture 5: Under the Meter Reading Unit (MRU) assigned to the installation, we need to set the number of days under 'Entry Interval' as shown below. Since we had the move in and move out orders created at a difference of 1 day we have set it as 1.




With the above config we were able to successfully interpolate the move in meter reads. This was a new learning for me so I have shared it over here, hope this helps!