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I would like to share this information.

How to attach a file in a device.

There are below ways for the same:-

Process A)

1) Open IQ02

2) Goto System tab in header--> Services for Object--> select the "Device " object type--> then see the first "CREATE Button" click the small Icon beside the BLANK page icon in this button--> and select "Create Attachment". You can directly browse to the file and complete the attachment.

The attached file can be seen after attachment steps are done with the button " Attachment List" which appears besides the create attachment button.

Process B)

1) Goto IQ02- change device mode

2) Below Serial Number there is one field called " Description", click "Intern Note" button.

3) Here you can directly type the details, Or can Copy/Paste

4) Or go to Tab TEXT--> Upload

5) Or try tab INSERT--> Text/ Clipborad/ Graphics.

6) Uploading scanned document/Image-->In INSERT--> Graphics, select--> option " Stored on document server", select image type as black/white OR Color bitmap. Browse for the file stored on your server, and complete the upload process.

Option 6- for Image upload.

Hope this is helpful for friends; who might need this in future.



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