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With the transition into the digitalized era of the utilities industry, the roll-out and mass deployment of smart meters contribute substantially to a modern, smart electricity grid on the path to a smart city.

With this objective firmly in its sights, CLP Power in Hong Kong achieved an important milestone at the end of 2014 by completing a first pilot for 3,000 residential customers in which they offered time-of-use tariff, summer saver rebate, and provided hourly consumption data to the end customer up to the previous day. One of the major reasons for this offering was to give the customer an incentive to shift their load during the hot summer season from July to September, thus avoiding any peak load that would need to be covered by additional expensive generation capacities.

For this first pilot project, CLP leveraged their existing technology infrastructure and processed the metered data through a three-tier-architecture (Head-End System [HES], Metered Data Management [MDM], and SAP for Utilities as the billing engine).

However, after this successful pilot, CLP reviewed the overall architecture and system landscape and decided to simplify and optimize this initial approach through a two-tier-architecture - in this case, direct communication between the HES and SAP for Utilities was established using the same standard web services from SAP as in the first phase. In addition, all the validation, estimation, and editing (VEE) was done in SAP for Utilities (Energy Data Management), which allows the same services to be offered and also enables CLP’s desire to provide customers with hourly consumption information on a more timely basis than the traditional next day approach.

Source: CLP Power Hong Kong, CLP Smart Metering Program at the SAP Advisory Customer Council for Utilities (ACCU), July 10th, 2019

Furthermore, this smart metering program also supports the enablement of value-added services (VAS) such as demand side management, and remote reading and tamper detection on the operational and grid side, to name just a few.

At present, CLP has 200k smart meters in operation and is planning a full deployment for their 2,6 customers in the territory by 2025.

Amongst the other key business partners, SAP had the privilege and pleasure to be invited to the recent kick-off-celebration for this smart metering program.

Source: CLP Power Hong Kong, CLP Smart Metering Program at the SAP Advisory Customer Council for Utilities (ACCU), July 10th, 2019

The event demonstrated the importance and relevance of such a trustful collaboration between the different parties with the common objective of helping to transform Hong Kong into a smart city.