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Have you ever asked yourself what happens if we plug too many electric vehicles into the existing grid?

While electric vehicles have the potential to help the air and the planet, they also push utilities toward a reckoning with the so-called smart grid. To cope with the demands of many consumers plugging their cars into the grid (the power draw from a single electric vehicle can be the same as that from an entire house),utilities will need to manage demand with smart-grid systems that allow electric vehicles to draw power in ways that will not disrupt service to homes and businesses.

Find out more about the tipping point of the smart grid and new business model opportunities for your industry.

Given what seems to be an inevitable rise in the number of electric vehicles, utilities are realizing that they have an opportunity to do more than simply deliver energy through a wire. The most obvious potential new business model may come from installing, servicing, and operating the charge points that electric vehicle owners will need to recharge their batteries.

For more details, please read our whitepaper.

Thanks again to Chris Koch, Michael Clarke and many others that made this happen!


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Joerg Ferchow

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