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Winning in the digital economy is all about customer focus

Digital disrupters such as amazon, AirBnB, Uber or Apple share two commonalities: their strategy, business model and operations are driven by a truly customer-centric mindset; also, they are capturing the full potential of digital technology to fulfill and exceed customers’ desires.

Utilities itself has seen a rapid rise in new products & services offerings – from smart homes to solar & storage combination to demand response offerings – enabling new, non-traditional players (e.g. telco, electric car manufacturers) to acquire customers at an unprecedented pace.

Hence for established Utilities players, embracing digital innovation to reimagine their business is no longer an option. Reaching and sustaining leadership in the digital age requires answering challenging questions: who are my customers and what are their needs – today and tomorrow? How is technology changing the nature of my industry? Where to start our own digital transformation in order to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and develop new revenue streams?

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I am looking forward to seeing you in The Hague

Hichem Hachemi
VP & Head of Energy & Natural Resources | EMEA

Industry Value Engineering


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