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This is my first SAP for Utilities which is produced by the Eventful Group in collaboration with ASUG and SAP.  Below are some of the highlights:

I was late to the Jump Start but it was a great place to begin networking.  We were asked to write down what topics we were interested in and share that with out table.

I think the groups shared similar commonalities in terms of mobile, geographical-integration and more.  Some people I met at my table: Kathy Stuart, Altalink, Chei Madeloso, UIL, and Les Piotrowski, Kitchener

The other advice was to make time for conversations and don't always focus on attending the education sessions.  Someone said it took SAP 38 minutes before HANA was mentioned - and to me this is a good thing if you want to focus on networking.

Geoff Scott, ASUG CEO, was in attendance and attendees were encouraged to visit the ASUG booth.  Are you receiving the desired e-mails from the ASUG Utilities SIG?

SAP's henry.bailey encouraged everyone to follow the @SAPIndustries twitter handle.  Learn more about Henry here: Blog it Forward - Henry Bailey

Henry also said that the SAP for Utilities space on SCN was the top visited Industry space on SCN and he encouraged attendees to visit and use SCN.  He also suggested that we plan to share our event when we return and to schedule our agenda with our SAP Account Executive.

It was announced that next year's event will be back at Huntington Beach, California.

Next I attended the Customer Value Map session lead by ASUG Volunteer Sue Daulton.

SAP reviewed the Value Map - the link is not working now, but I will share once it is back up.

Some hot topics were mobile self-service and change management.

Next was the Welcome Reception.  It was nice to finally meet the Eventful team members in person.

The evening ended with a Women in Utilities Reception, sponsored by iTron

For more details see

Also follow the hashtag #SAP4UTL for the event.