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Last week, some of SAP's veteran 'design thinkers' teamed with a non-profit organization in Michigan that trains tomorrow's CIOs.  Many thanks to our customers at CMS Energy, who experienced Design Thinking for themselves at SAPPHIRE NOW, and wanted to share its potential.

Read more about it here:

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a structured approach to problem-solving, but in no way is it 'cookie cutter.'  Design Thinking guides you through the innovation process in an engaging and effective way, so that organizations identify fresh and real solutions to business challenges.

For utilities, who are likely hearing the call for innovation in response to industry transformation, there may be a temptation to simply apply new tools to existing infrastructures.  With Design Thinking, the focus is on innovations that deliver value.  So, whether the solutions end up being large or small, utilities think through all aspects of changes and improvements before taking action..

If you'd like to learn more about Design Thinking at SAP, visit the SAP Community Network Design Thinking site for ideas on how it works, and how it gets the creative juices the right direction.

And if you're ready to discuss how to get started, just send me an email at  Our 'design thinkers' are ready to get your team engaged.

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