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From the ASUG Utilities SIG, including Marc Rosson, Sue Daulton and team:

Utilities Community ½ Day Sessions and Networking Dinner – May 6th – Monday before conference starts - 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The ASUG Special Interest Group (SIG) is in the planning stage for a half day Utilities Community event on Monday, May 6th, proceeding the actual conference.  We anticipate having registration open in late March and will be adding a brief write up for the Agenda Builder.  The event will start at 2pm with a check-in starting at 1:30 at the Convention Center on the 3rd floor.  There will be two breakout rooms and topics with one room focusing on CX and the other on EAM. This half day will end at 5:00 pm. A Utility Reception and Dinner is also being planned for Monday, May 6th and will start just following the Community Day event at 5:30pm. We hope people interested in networking beyond the break out rooms will also register for this dinner hosted by Utegration.


1:30 - 2:00 pm registration outside S330

2:00 - 2:30 pm introductions of GVP Miguel Gaspar Silva the new head of IBU Utilities to all of the utilities attending by Henry Bailey, the previous GVP of utilities.


Break out Sessions 2:30 – 5:00 pm

Customer Experience Discussion – Topics Include the following:

  • Who are we ?   CIC0,  Old CRM,  Current CRM,  No CRM and how do we plan for the future taking into account the SAP Roadmap?

  • C/4 HANA - Cloud for Customer vs C/4 HANA - Marketing vs. Customer Management for S/4  - Where is my customer 360 view ?

  • Qualtrics acquisition by SAP – Customer Experience

  • Enterprise Asset Management Discussion – Topics Include.

  • S/4 for ISU support for Compatible Units and integration to SD

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Mobility Roadmap

  • CoreSystem acquisition by SAP - Work Scheduling in the Cloud


Utility Reception and Dinner at local restaurant 5:30pm (separate registration)

Watch for registration information on both,  we hope you will join us.


Click here to register for the ½ Day Meeting.

Meeting location:
Orange County Convention Center
Room: S310GH

Click here to register for the utility networking dinner.


ASUG/SAPPHIRENOW Annual Conference – May 7th – May 9th

This year attendees will have multiple choices of utility content throughout the conference. Take a few minutes and use the official Agenda Builder to select content presented by utilities and for utilities.  Here is a sample of this year’s sessions.  You can search via the session numbers to add them to your agenda, find the meeting room and times.


ASUG83259 Roadmap: SAP for Utilities – SAP’s new Global SVP of Utilities Miguel Gaspar Silva will be presenting the utility roadmap.  2:00 pm on Tuesday – Don’t miss it.

ASUG84269 Transform the Customer Experience: Innovation with SAP HANA and SAP Fiori 2.0 -  TECO

ASUG84572 CenterPoint’s Insight-to-Action Development with SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service - CNP

ASUG84132 SAP C/4HANA Utilities Panel: Four Utilities All Working on SAP C/4HANA Implementations – NTUA, Sempra, SCE, Duke

ASUG82598 Puget Sound Energy Improved the Customer Experience by Implementing Real-Time Payments - PSE

ASUG83903 ESRI With HANA: Value Acceleration and User Adoption in San Diego – City of San Diego

ASUG83846 SAP Information Steward: Better Data, Better Decisions – Snohomish, PSE, TECO, SRP

ASUG85860 Utility Industry Meetup – All Utilities – Tuesday at 1:00 pm EDT on the main Floor in ASUG Hub - Give us your ideas for this year.  Join us to meet fellow utility peers at this round table discussion to discover what’s happening in our industry.

ASUG90785 Utility Round Table on HANA – All Utilities - Wednesday at 11:00 am EDT in 2nd Floor Round Table Room - Whether you are one of the utilities rolling out S/4 in 2019 or one of the 30+ that have already moved to Business Suite on HANA; whether you have HANA 1.x or are already running HANA 2.x; whether you run on premise or are using one of the many cloud options and finally, whether you are already a HANA Utility or want to learn more about HANA; Please come be engaged in our discussion with all the HANA utilities and find out how HANA is making a difference in our industry.



On the Floor at the SAP Utilities Pavilion –

  • Demo Session – How utilities use conversational AI to improve the customer experience

  • Demo Session – Improving reliability and reduce downtime with Intelligent Asset Management

  • Interactive Session – C/4HANA – Offer energy customers value-added products and services

  • Interactive Session – Connected workforce

  • Dedicated Demo Station – focused on the intelligent enterprise messaging

  • Best Run Theater – exploring the blurring of industry boundaries between energy and financial services companies

There will be other customer speakers in various other areas and showcasing the Utilities Digital Boardroom.


On the Floor in the ASUG Customer Experience Roundtables 

Great opportunity to see “Predictive Maintenance for Utilities”. It will be chaired by CenterPoint Energy and SAP and is an opportunity to exchange views on where companies are in terms of Condition-Based Maintenance / Predictive Maintenance, get some pointers from the recent SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service implementation at CenterPoint Energy, and influence the SAP product portfolio.


Wednesday at 2 pm on the Sapphire show floor at the ASUG “Customer Connection Center”.  You must sign up for the session to enter the Customer Connection Center. If interested please email SAP America Influence


Look for SAPPHIRENOW to have some big news regarding C/4 HANA.



SAP EAM Roadshow: 

Discover opportunities to do more with asset management at your organization at one of four complimentary events this June. At these events, attendees will learn and network with SAP customers and partners on ways to rethink, reimagine, and renovate asset management.  Registration will open in April. Save the date to join us in a location near you:

June 13: Houston, Texas

June 18: Seattle, Washington

June 20: Calgary, Alberta

June 25: Atlanta, Georgia


SAP EAM Centric Wrap Up: the SAP EAM Centric wrap up of March event. Many utilities had a lot to share at this year’s event.   Great presentations, some of which will be at Sapphire and again at SAP for utilities.   If you have questions, please let us know and we can connect you with those presenters.


SAP For Utilities Conference in San Diego, California Save the Date – October 21-23, 2019

Source: Eventful Conferences

Content building meetings are underway.  Watch for information regarding call for papers.



Upcoming Webinars To Watch:


IAM Series Webcast #1 April 10th 2pm-3pm EST
Matthew Easlea-Intelligent Asset Management - Cross-Product Introduction


Other Industry News:


CS Week: SAP Synergy Group Meeting

Mark your calendar for the SAP Synergy Group meeting on Monday, April 8th to join other utility industry leaders for a full day of content and networking. Learn the latest on the SAP Utility Roadmap, hear about the transformation at CenterPoint Energy, join in the discussion around presentations on C/HANA and digital engagement, and other key topics for our industry.


SAP is hosting this event, there is no registration fee and lunch is provided. We do request that you register in advance for purposes of room setup and lunch planning. Visit SAP Synergy Group  for more information and contact Shawnna Ansley at CS Week, to register.  This meeting kicks off CS Week's annual conference.  For additional information regarding registration, session topics or exhibitors, visit CS Week .


SEW User Group Planning Underway

ASUG and SEW are working on starting a new user group. The target is May 2019. If you are interested in participating contact Sue Daulton


Technology Face to Face: ASUG COE face to face

Two opportunities remain to attend this one day event coordinated by Paul Kurchina around the country. Atlanta on April 9th  and Seattle on April 11.
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