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Is there a utility that does not work on more sustainability? It became one of the most important dimensions. Utilities run multiple initiatives and programs and started setting carbon goals. Many of their consumers participate and business customers more often demand clean energy to fulfill their own ambitions. At SAP for example we have accelerated the pace and plan to become carbon-neutral by 2023 in our operations: SAP Accelerates Climate Protection to Achieve Carbon-Neutrality by 2023.

This challenges each utility to not only to deliver clean energy and water but also collaborate with their customers, partners and regulators more intensely on sustainability. It changes the customer journey directly, every touch point must be used to include this dialogue.

We have re-modelled a simple classic move-in to a green customer journey. The main touch points from the past, a move-in and bill payment are now uneventful. The sustainable customer journey is about engaging and collaborating on sustainability with new insights and offers:

Customer Journey 2021


Learn during the upcoming conference how SAP for Utilities supports a sustainable customer journey with new and enhanced industry cloud solutions.

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