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Together we are stronger.  It’s something I said pre-pandemic and what my team has worked for years to achieve with many of you through our council meetings, innovation summits, forums, and so on.  I believe it just as much today, if not more so.

Over the past months, all of us have risen to the challenge as we learned to do business exclusively from our homes.  We are now well-acquainted with daily virtual collaboration through virtual platforms.  Despite this, I think we would all agree there still exists an information and “touch point” gap that impacts the way we do business.  Without the usual office coffee corners, in-person meetings, as well as conferences and events, something is missing.  The information exchange and relationships we built pre-pandemic are tough to replicate virtually; however, we must continue to innovate and adapt as we move forward during these challenging times.

Introducing SAP Community

My team, the global Industry Business Unit (IBU) for Travel and Transportation (T&T), is striving to use every resource available to fill the “touchpoint” gap. That’s why the new T&T page on SAP Community is launching to help you and your colleagues as we continue to move forward together.

What is it?

T&T on SAP Community is an online resource that provides you with the opportunity to learn from your peers around the world as you ask questions and share insights about our industry.

On the T&T page, you can expect to see:

  • SAP partners offering insights into their experiences and recent innovations

  • Timely updates on relevant industry information

  • Question and Answer forums

  • Blog posts from your peers, industry professionals, on relevant industry topics

  • Blog posts from SAP solutions users

  • Event updates (such as the SAP Cargo Transportation Forum virtual event, Rail Asset Management event, and other digital conferences and webcasts)

Who uses it?

T&T on SAP Community is made up of industry professionals who specialize in a variety of subindustries including airlines, ocean liners, rail cargo, air cargo, ports and terminals, hospitality, trucking, passenger rail, and so on.

These experts can see and learn from your valuable feedback, questions, and other insights. Your feedback has the potential to influence our activities inside and shape the future of SAP for T&T.  In addition, our SAP T&T professionals serve as advisors to help you understand the SAP for T&T solution portfolio and can identify a range of products that fit your company’s specific needs.

We hope this new page on SAP Community will not only help fill the gaps we feel so deeply during this time, but also help us all continue to collaborate, innovate and thrive in Travel and Transportation.
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