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Electrification is not a new concept for the travel and transportation industry; railways have been electrifying infrastructures for decades, and urban transit companies have been operating light rail or commuter rail services for over a century.

Unfortunately, there is still a significant fleet of carbon-based locomotives and an entire fleet of trucks, buses, and utility vehicles utilizing carbon-based fuel and contributing to climate change across the globe. Meanwhile, in an adjacent industry, automotive manufacturers have almost unanimously promised to go electric in the coming years.

Where does that leave travel and transportation operators?

SAP recently hosted an industry forum about the electrification of mobility with leading mobility operators and industry value chain actors. Featured speakers included:

  • Bruno Flinois, chief executive Officer of Clem

  • Neele Marie Hinck, sales manager of EWE GO GMBH

  • Erwin Guizouarn, chief executive officer of Evolution Energy

  • Joerg Ferchow, chief solution expert at SAP

  • Ulrich Scholl, global vice president New Mobility of SAP

Based upon the virtual event, we have compiled key takeaways and experiences on the use of the end-to-end energy ecosystem, as well as how leading practitioners are using technology to achieve strategic goals in the journey to fleet electrifiction.

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