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Today’s Communications Service providers (CSP) seem to live and breathe the word “mobility.”  They are at the very heart of our ever present mobile tablets, phones, apps and lives.  What is the one company that you (whether “you” are a consumer or a company) have a recurring billing relationship with on a monthly basis to power your mobile devices?  Most likely, it’s your Telecommunications provider.  And, when you can’t access the internet from your tablet or your call drops on your mobile phone, it’s probably your Telco service provider that you call to fix it.  And, with simple voice services declining from a revenue standpoint annually, talk, literally, is cheap these days.  So, service providers are continually looking at ways to deliver more mobile solutions to leverage this relationship and enhance their customers lives. 

At SAPPHIRE Madrid this year, we’re excited to show off the innovative business models that our Telco customers are deploying and how they are using SAP solutions to enable them.  I’m personally looking forward to hearing Vodafone discuss how they are using mobile apps from SAP to make real-time HR decisions and make life simpler and better for their employees.  In their words, they are “walking the talk” when it comes to mobility to be able to show their customers how they work with “speed, simplicity and trust.” 

Make sure to stop by the Test Drive tables in both the Industries Campus and the Mobility Campus in Madrid to see a sample of some of the amazing mobile apps that SAP has available for the Telco market today.  From Mobile Wallets and Mobile Self Care to Proximity Marketing and HR apps, we’ll be showcasing them all. I hope to see you there!