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We don’t need to tell you that customer engagement is a very hot topic for telcos these days – you already know that it’s now imperative for you to master it this year.

To help you out, we’ve been highlighting some of the most important elements of customer engagement in recent blogs. And many telcos are already making great strides in areas such as understanding the customer journey, using Big Data for personalization, applying customer analytics, and developing multi-channel campaigns.

But overriding all of this is the need for the right kind of commerce solution that makes all of these interconnected elements easier to execute in a manner that takes business as usual to new levels of success.

Must-have functionality for success

With an omnichannel commerce solution, telcos can more effectively react to the dynamic demands of both new and existing customers as they make improved customer engagement a full-fledged practice and not a one-off experience.

So what are the key features and functionality are needed in such an omnichannel commerce solution that can deliver the kind of customer engagement that’s needed in 2015?

To answer this question, Intelligence interviewed service providers from around the world.  Here are a few of the top features and functionality that these industry professionals said they want in a customer engagement platform. 

A multichannel commerce solution. Telcos today want to drive multiple ‘go-to-market’ models from a single platform. They want a platform that allows them to keep unique processes and content separate by brand – and at the same time, they want to consolidate multiple country sites on one infrastructure.
Automatic and dynamic bundling. It’s also important today for telcos to be able to go beyond the barrier of legacy systems and bundle services together, such as selling digital content as a way to unlock new revenue. Telcos want a platform that allows them to bundle over-the-top or content offerings with traditional and networks services, or bundle plans and devices, such as combining voice with data.
Integration between multiple back office systems. To go beyond the typical manual interaction that often is required with outdated backend systems, telcos now want drag-and-drop functionality that integrates processes and data no matter where they reside. This kind of omnicommerce platform would eliminate the complexity of legacy systems and allow for more agile functionality such as customization based on all known customer data.

All this – and more…

There are other key features that telcos want in an omnichannel solution, including better self-service, the ability to create more customer touch points, and the right technology to facilitate a good customer experience.

The kind of omnichannel commerce platform described here will help telcos gain a greater understanding customer behavior and preferences so they can redefine their businesses and deliver the experiences that customers want and demand.

To learn more about what to look for in this type of solution, download this report: Buying Essentials When Considering a Telco Multichannel Commerce Solution. You’ll gain new insights on what is driving the need for omnichannel commerce and discover what other features are must-haves. In addition, you can learn more about the hybris omnichannel platform that many telcos are already deploying here.