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Can you imagine what would bring the CEOs and top executives of Cisco, Ericsson, MasterCard, AT&T, Facebook, GE, PayPal, and UNICEF together in one single event?

The answer is digital transformation – and how the application of cloud, mobile, social, and analytic technologies are fundamentally improving all aspects of society.

These powerhouse leaders, along with other C-level executives, will be keynote speakers at Mobile World Congress (MWC). Many will share how their companies are shaping the future of the digital society. Others will discuss how embracing digital transformation is dramatically changing their organizations.

The conference, which will draw nearly 100,000 attendees and 2000 exhibitors this year, starts on

February 22nd in Barcel

ona. All of these influential leaders will be there. You should be too, because MWC will be one of the most profound showcases of how digital technologies are changing the world today and in the future.

More than a mobile and telco event

The digital economy is opening up opportunities for every industry to reimagine their businesses. What better place for people to understand how to capitalize on these opportunities than at MWC, which is now recognized as the world’s largest gathering of mobile innovators. It’s where connectivity is just the starting point of a world reimagined.

This conference is an opportunity to witness a revolution unlike any in the past. It’s an opportunity to see how the power of zeros and ones can change everything. It’s where you can see how we can now detect, identify, and transform through connectivity, sensors, and innovative technology in ways not thought of just a few years ago.

At the network level, you can see how the innovative technologies that companies like Ericsson, Cisco, Huawei, Nokia, and Google are developing can accelerate your organization’s digital transformation. You’ll see how your company can take advantage of the latest breakthroughs that the major device vendors are unveiling as they help shape the future of the connected society.

As the digital transformation continues to evolve, collaboration and partnerships with these players will be key for any company that wants to have a significant role in the digital society. You may already have existing relationships with many of these vendors. Or you may be looking for the breakthrough idea that will help set your company apart in your industry.

Together, we can all take advantage of this event to reframe and rethink the digital future with these key players.

SAP: Leading the Digital Transformation

Digital transformation depends on the clever and creative application of cloud, mobile, social, and analytic technologies. With deep expertise in the telco industry (as well as 25 other industries) combined with a unique and powerful technology stack, SAP is well positioned to help companies manage the transition to a digital economy.

Our presence at MWC is designed to offer an event experience that will provide key information to support strategic and tactical business decisions. The SAP booth will feature Digital Transformation Showcases that demonstrate how global companies are transforming by leverage SAP’s experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Digital Boardroom: Learn how companies are successfully transforming business by building a solid digital core so they can reinvent business processes and business models. In this showcase, we highlight how executives in leading global companies are relying on the SAP Digital Boardroom for real-time insights that support rapid decision making and action across all divisions. We’ll show how companies are utilizing the SAP S/4HANA suite to drive core business processes designed for the digital age.
  • The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce: Experience how next-generation service providers are engaging with customers to provide relevant, contextual offers, services, and interactions through all channels including mobile devices, online, retail stores, social media, call centers, and more.
  • The Future of Big Data: See how data is being leveraged today to drive greater efficiencies, new revenue streams, better customer engagement, and higher profitability. Preview solutions that SAP is bringing to market in 2016.
  • The Future of the Internet of Things: Discover how almost every industry is being transformed by the Internet of Things (IoT) and how telcos are at the very heart of that transformation. From digital farming to connected vehicles, telcos are exploring partnerships and new services that will leverage the vast data, network, and device resources available to drive revenue from IoT services. This showcase will demonstrate how SAP is partnering with the industry make those services a reality today.

To learn more about our partnerships with the leading players and the innovations we see as key to the connected world, stop by Hall 3, Stand 3M41 and start to reimagine your world.

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