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I noticed there are a numbers of undocumented FQEVENTS in IS-T.

It's a pity not to have it since those evens can be very useful.

Intention of this document is to be used as central place with link on SCN documents which contains text structured as FQEVENTs documentation.

I will update this document as I encounter and document undocumented event during everyday work.

Of course, if anyone else creates this type of document here in SCN and want to include it in this list, just put link in comments section - I will add those documents to.


- FQEvent 2638 INV: Enrich Invoicing Item for Invoicing List, current functionality

     when applied SAP Note 1948056 - FKKBIX: Enrich invoicing list in event 2638 additional fields became modifiable based on business logic implemented in the event (BUKRS - Company code, SPART - Division, VTREF - Provider contract, SUBAP - Subapplication)

- FQEvent 2645 INV: Fill Customer/Industry Fields in Invoicing Document, current functionality

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