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The entropy of the universe naturally increases over time, ironically attempting to achieve the most disordered state.

Similarly, as new challenges, ideas, and innovations arise, the High Tech ecosystem grows increasingly complex.

While this constant evolution can spark great advancements in the industry, it can also prevent efficient practices, ultimately detracting from the customer’s experience. Take for example, the Telecommunications industry. Once a far simpler business, Telco faces the challenges stemming from ever-changing combinations of devices, plans, and payment models, as well as issues produced by customers using a variety of physical and digital channels to research, compare, purchase, and renew services.

Understanding customers in this fragmented ecosystem therefore becomes a complicated process for Telco businesses.

This highlights the importance of developing a process with seamless transitions through channels, giving customers a natural, intuitive experience.

The importance of an omnichannel experience can be understood by examining the retail industry. According to a PWC study, more than 80% of buyers conduct online research before making a purchase. This online research does not only lead to online purchases, but it is also critical in leading to purchases through other channels and in driving traffic to brick and mortar stores.[1] Like the Retail business, Telco businesses must ensure different channels work together symbiotically, thus simplifying the customer’s journey into an uninterrupted, omnichannel experience.

This can be difficult to achieve, but SAP can help enhance the omnichannel customer experience by deepening customer relationships, deliver fast time to value ultimately transforming Telco companies into a best-in-class businesses.

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Transform the Omnichannel Business of Telecommunications Companies

This discussion reveals how enhancing the omnichannel customer experience can transform telecommunications companies into best-in-class businesses. Learn how the SAP Services organization can deploy hybris offerings to transform complex processes such as subscriptions and bundling, customer support, and digital content management.

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