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WRP1 - Message no. WG030 No supply source can be found for external req. no. xxxxxx, material no. xxxxxxx

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Hello, I have the following problen when run material in WRP1 with  Supply source = 2 ( Stock transfer ), Someone know how to solve the issue?

Thnaks a lot.

No supply source can be found for external req. no. U927115456, material no. 000000000000000309

Message no. WG030


The source of supply could not be determined using the transmitted data.

System Response

The order item cannot be identified and is not posted.


Maintain a source of supply for this material.



Hi Santi,

Make sure you have maintained the supply source properly, check it in Logistics DC and store view of the article. If you have maintained Supply source as 2, make sure that your store for which replenishment is to be done has Supply source maintained. Check it in site master WB02, in the supplying sites button at the top.

Let me know if it worked.



Hi, Thanks  for your answer!!! , I have just solved the issue



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I had the same error but with a different cause:

Material master (MM42) was ok with Supply Source 2

Plant master (WB02) was ok with the proper Shipping condition

But: the material was not listed (properly)

So the error message was definitely misleading here.

But I hope my answer will help the next victim.



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Hi Nick,

Can you be little clear with the description of your problem???

Check the whether the article is properly listed for the site. also check in OMS2 whether quantity and value updation are enabled for the article type and the site.



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Quando aconteceu esse erro pra mim, entrei na WB02 do Centro e faltava configurar na ABA CENTRO FORNECEDOR os dados la para ele gerar para o lugar correto.

When this error happened to me, I entered the WB02 of the Center and needed to configure the data there in the CENTRO SUPPLIER TAB for it to generate to the correct place.