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Temporary Replenishment Blocking for article master in IS-Retail, SAP F&R

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I am facing a peculiar problem while transferring article and location master data from IS-Retail to SAP F&R. I have already created the article and location in SAP IS-Retail EHP4 system and then transfer the respective data to SAP F&R (SCM 7.0) using FRE01. After the interface processing of the location and article master data in SAP F&R, when I try to run the interface processing for location product it gives an exception saying that the Product "XXXX" and location "XXXX" does not exist. But when I check the SAP F&R master data, the location and article data are intact in SAP F&R.

After a close lookup, I found that the location master data has the Temporary replenishment blocking indicator as "0 - No Blocking", but the text "Temporary Replenishment Blocking from " and "Temporary Replenishment Blocking to" texts are populated with that of the date on which the location was transferred i.e., let's say "10.05.2011" to "30.12.9999" respectively. I tried to manually remove the text fields from the master data , with the data getting saved, but the text fields are populated again with the same data after revisiting the transaction again.

If I transfer the article and location master data on 11.05.2011, then the TEMPRPFROM and TEMPRPTO text will be pouplated with "11.05.2011" and "30.12.9999" respectively. I was wondering whether this data itself is being populated from IS-Retail and I am unable to find out in Customizing where I can make the necessary changes.

Would be great if you can help out in this case.

Best Regards

Prashant Kedare


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Temporary replenishment blocking indicator '0' means that there is 'No Blocking' from TEMPRPFROM_DAT to TEMPRPTO_DAT dates. The 'No Blocking' is updated by SAP F&R automatically when it finds that there is not blocking sent from SAP ERP.

Your problem may be due to some other master data inconsistency.

You may try following:

1. Change 'error' status records to 'not processed' through transaction /FRE/BIF03 (Maintain Interface Tables) and then reprocess the interface data in SAP F&R, OR

2. Try sending an initial load for the articles from ERP which are in error and then process the interface in SAP F&R.


Mayank Upadhyaya

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Hi Mayank,

I had already done the steps that you have mentioned. i.e. Changing the error processed records to

"Not Processed" and running the initial load again, but it does not help as the exception still continue to be the same i.e. No Product or Location can be found in the database" whereas these details are already present in the system i.e.if you check /FRE/MASS_LOC or for product.

After checking the help (F1) for TEMPRPFROM, it clearly specifies that if a date is mentioned in the field, it will activate the blocking on the date and if no value is present in the field, then the temporary blocking will not be enabled.

Also, a surprising fact is that whenevr I transfer the product or location details on a particular date, the TEMPRPFROM reflects that particular date even in the interface tables. So wondering whether some customizing field is present in IS-Retail side which is causing this issue

Best regards

Prashant Kedare

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I was able to resolve the issue. there was absolutely no issue with the master data coming in from IS-retail. The prblem was due to the incorrectly maintained customizing settings in SPRO. the problem was that the Business system group was not configured properly due to which the incoming master data from IS-Retail was not being recognized for location product or transportation lanes, etc.

The customizing setting is in SPRO->IMG->Forecasting & Replenishment->Master data->general Settings>Assign logical systems and Queue types

After maintaining the setting, the master data was correctly reflected in SAP F&R.

best Regards

Prashant kedare