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Supplying site

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Hi Gurus,

ABCD is my DC, 1234 (sales org) XX (distribution channel ) YY ( division ) and I would like to make it as supplying site

for the store EFGH with the same organizational data above. When i tried to assign it I am getting the error supplying site cannot

deliver to any of the site distribution chains. Any outputs. Thanks a lot.


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Double check your Site Master... For your Store ensure that in the Site/Customer screen the Sales Area Data section has been extended to include the DC's Distribution Channel.



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In retail you have to create different Distribution chain for Store & different for DC.


Sales Org: 1234,

Distribution channel: 01 for DC

Distribution channel 02 for Store.

Division: XX.

Now create DC - DC01 under the distribution chain - S.Org - 1234 & Distribution channel - 01 & Division - XX.

Then Create Store - ST01 under the Distribution chain - S.Org - 1234 & Distribution Channel - 02 & Division - XX.

In the DC01 site master under the Organisational Calender Tab, Click on Distribution chains - Sites and assign the Store Distribution chain ( 1234, 02, XX).

This will ensure that this DC01 can supply to the Distribution chain ( 1234, 02 , XX)

Now go to Store - ST01 select the customer master tab, Extend the Sales area tab for the Distribution Chain (1234,01,XX).

Now assign the DC01 as the supplying site in ST01.

I think this will solve your issue.

Warm Regards,