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SAP POS/ Triversity to XI

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HI experts,

After installation of SAP POS 2.0 ,i have some confusion on XI integration,pls help me on below questions:

1) Pls guide me to install transnet.

2) How many file are transferred from store to head office and then to XI . Is only .TXN file is sent to XI or .tot and .dsm files are also sent to XI for mappping to IDOCs.

3) Is it complusory to install transnet or do we have other options like ftp or email for file tranfer.

waiting for your help




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If further reponse is needed please let us know.

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System has two processes

1) SAP Outbound -->Outbound files like MCH, MC, PLU, Promo, Mix match are converted in XI and transferred to SAP POS. These are asc files which are uploaded in the Xpress Server of store

2) SAP Inbound --> Transaction details and Totals are transferred from POS to POS DM from where aggregated data will be transferred to ERP and non-aggregated to BI. you can have the option of trickle poll the files online as well.

You can either use transnet or any other FTP for file transfer. Regarding transnet if this is a customer project, I advise you to have a POS/transnet consultant to help you with the installation and configuration because it involves multiple steps

hope this helps!

Suhail Shaik

SAP India - GD

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If further reponse is needed please let us know.

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Hi Bruce,

can you please help me on the this:

After EOD we get some flat files in POS for example:

XI_COUNT,XI_GMTOTALS,XI_INPUT,XI_INVRCV,XI_STKTRF,XI_TIMEPUNCH . i am not able to find out which file to be map with which IDOC(WPUBON1,WPUFIB etc), Pls tell me the process that we follow for mapping to the respective IDOCs.



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Hi Abhi,

You donu2019t need to do mapping ..

Import store connectivity content 2.0 from services market place ... and import into IR in XI system.

in this content n all the mapping are defined .

And your XI_GMTOTALS is map to BI RFC (i dont knoe the name RFC function module but you can see it into XI message mapping ) ...

And when data come into BI system with the help of map RFC the PIPE process it and generate IDOCs (like WPUBON1,WPUFIB etc) and post it into SAP system ..



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Hi Abishek,

please refer to the following:

Transaction File Split by Scenario

Two different SAP (GM) POS source files types are relevant for the inbound scenarios: one for

all transactions (*.txn, converted by cvtlog utility) and one for totals (created by cvtotals utility).

The transaction file contains all entries for the TLog Transactions, the Physical Inventory

Counts, and the Time Punch scenario.

The transaction-based scenarios must be handled separately because they are routed to

different receiver systems and interfaces. To reduce the message size, the initial *.txn files are

already split by the SAP (GM) POS cvtlog program:

Only record type u20188u2019 is relevant for the Physical Inventory Counts scenario. For the Time

Punch scenario, only record type u2018Mu2019 is necessary. For the TLog Transactions scenario, all

remaining record types and the record type u2018Mu2019 are important:

cvtlog u2013x8 <GM_TLog_Transactions_flat_file> <GM_txn_files>

cvtlog -i8 <GM_PhysInventoryCounts_flat_file> <GM_txn_files>

cvtlog -iM <GM_TimePunch_flat_file> <GM_txn_files>

cvtlog -iM <GM_Totals_flat_file> <GM_txn_files>

cvtotals -a <GM_Totals_flat_file> <GM_cto_files>

cvtotals -a <GM_Totals_flat_file> <GM_rto_files>

For more information, see the SAP (GM) POS cvtlog documentation.

That means in an implementation using EOD (transferring filesoce a day), you have to run the above mentioned cvtlog commands. Like you see there you can name the files however you want.

In the end you will have only two type of files. TLOG and Total.

Of course you then have to setup the PI File Adapter accordingly.

Your TLOG and TOTALS File are not mapped to any IDOC.

In PI you are using the 2 delivered Scenarios for the Inbound: GMTOTALS2POSDM and GMTLOG2POSDM.


Hope that helps


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