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Retail Site Export / Import through ALE Method

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When we are trying to export the sites from one server to other server using WBTE / WBTI, It is giving error messages.

I understood that this approch is outdated and currently this can be done through ALE methadology from version 4.7 onwards.

Please help me how to export and import the sites through ALE.

Thanks in advance.


Prasad. K


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The ALE ex/import can be carried out in 2 (or 3 in case of DC) steps.

The first step is:

Transporting the IMG-Content from source system to the target system. If you carry out changes in TA:WB02 or creating a Site via WB01 a popup window occurs, where you can select the corresponding transport request. (Depending on the client setting. Please check via SCC4 for "automatic transport" of IMG content).

If this step is carried out successful, the corresponding customer part of a site is transported via ALE (DEBMAS). E.g.: you could use BD11/12 (or BD13/14 for CREMAS transport of DC-Vendor).

Pre-requisite is a correct maintained transporting landscape (IMG-Transport and also ALE-Transport).

Please read also Note 737239 which explains the process more in detail.

Edited by: Markus Dinger on Jun 10, 2008 10:39 AM