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Retail Pricing

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Hello All

I am working on a Retail two step Price calculation.

When I try test in VKP5 Tcode the Dist. Centre price is not getting transferred as purchasing price for the store.

I am not getting any errors al all.

In Article master I made steeing as follows

Basics data - Supply source 1-Standard

Logistics DC - Supply source 1-Standard

Logistic Store- Supply source 2-Stock Transfer.

In Sales price calculation procedure for the field SUBTOTAL its given as u201CSu201D.

I am unable to find the fault at all. I will be glad if any you could shade some light on this issue. If any document which can explain the steps one by one, that will be much appreciated.




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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Astricks,

I'm not really sure, but please check the different settings.

For the store there should be a customer defined.

The DC should be in a different distribution chain than teh store to ensure possibility of different prices.

There must be a valid inforecord from the vendor and further please check the table KNVV if there is an entry between the customer of the STORE and the distribution chain of the DC.

Also check in the transaction WB02, if the delivery sites are maintained.

If this will not help, please open an customer message on IS-R-BD-RPC (retail pricing) with example. Someone will take care about it.