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Retail:hw to create value-only artilces

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Hi SAP Gurus,

Can anyone explain me the creation of value-only artilces.If there are any prerequisites and post actions we do after creation of valus-only artilces.What we have to do after creation of value-only articles?I am expecting clear and complete process.Thanks in advace

Thanks & Regards



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Value only articles Represents a group of articles whose inventory is to be managed on a value basis, but not on an article basis.


All goods movements for this group of articles are posted to the value-only article. The delivered price and sales price are updated, but not the stock quantity.

The categories of value-only article are:

u2022 Hierarchy articles

u2022 Merchandise category articles

u2022 Group articles

Use article type - WERT

To allow you to manage stocks on a value basis, profiles have been created in Customizing for Valuation and Account Assignment in Profiles for value-based inventory management. These profiles are valid for the whole client and specify for a site whether and in what form value-based inventory management is allowed. You must assign the profiles to the site in site maintenance.