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"Brand" Capture in Sales Order

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Can i capture "Brand" in sales order? I have created an article with Article type FASH and i try to raise a Sales Order. I want the brand to be caputered in Sales Order and this is generally to take a Sales report on brand. Your input is highly appreciated . This is for the wholesale sale and everything happening in SAP and not in POS




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1. You don't have to "capture" certain article data into sales order just for report purpose, a simply table join would fulfill the report requirement.

2. If you do want have "Brand" info in sales order, i.e. saved in table VBAP.

- check what field in article master you are using for "Brand", standard SAP will copy some article data into sales order item, you may find those fields on tab "Sales B" of item in sales order,

- If you didn't use any of above fields for "Brand", then you may need an enhancement. Try user-exit MV45AFZZ (USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP).

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Hi Anis,

Capture "BRAND" as Information Characteristics or MC in Article Master.

This information can be used for Reporting Purpose.


Selvakumar. M