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process of IS-Retail

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Dear All,

Am new to IS-RETAIL. Tomorrow we are gng to create a new company code. Am responsible for MM Part.

what are the settings  need for a MM Point of View.(Sorry for asking the basic question).

This IS-RETAIL is totally different .Please help me to achieve this.

Plz tell me plant and site are same?

In MM , if we want to create a new plant means we will copy from existing and change everythg. Is ther anythg available lik this here.....

plz answer my questions................

thx in adv..............


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In SAP Retail, the first step to create site is to setup Site Profiles for DCs (Site Category B) and Stores (Site category A) using SPRO->Logistics General ->Site Master->Control Data->Site Profiles. Then you create Reference DCs and Stores using transaction WB01. In addition to regular fields for organization/address, merchandise category, department, supplying sites etc,  you need to create customer view and vendor view (depending upon business scenario) in Site Master.



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Dear Venu,

thank u so much for ur retails. can u tell me the steps to create company code .....

as am aware of MM...this is little different.

plz tell me basic steps,(i think remaining and all same like MM)

thx in adv..............

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Hi mmboy,

Under SPRO -> Enterprise Structure->Financial Accounting->Define Company.

Define a company ie, a corporate group having one or more company codes.

Under SPRO -> Enterprise Structure->Financial Accounting->Define,Copy, Delete, Check Company Code. Choose "Edit Company Code Data" to define new company code data.

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Dear Abhinav,

i want MM flow for IS-RETAI.

after creating Site profile and site....what are the steps i should follow??

thx in adv............

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1. create a valuation area Transaction code OX14

2. Maintain Storage Location TCode-OX09

3. Create Purchase Org.  (IMG->Enterprises Structure-> Definition -> Materials Management ->  Maintain Purchase Organization)

4. assign Site to company code in IMG

5. Assign Pur. Org to company code

6. Assign pur org to site

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Dear Abhinav,

thanks for ur reply.............

site to be create in WB01 ?

after creating site profile only,we should create site?

wat is the use of creating site profile?

thx in adv..........

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Just use F1 help in site profile field or press f4 to check the possible entries, u can get an idea.