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Price calculation issue for CZ01 sales organization in some articles

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Hello Members,

When we try to execute the Z transaction which calls standard programs for CZ01 sales organization, then we get a popup in which it shows "NO PRICE CALCULATION COULD BE CARRIED OUT" and when checking log it shows message text as "The Number value entered is too large" with standard message ID WV and message number 105 with message type E.

Kindly suggest.




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Hi Venkata,

If I am not mistaking this is the screen of transaction VKP5 or a copy of it and you are trying to calculate the retail selling price.

If my assumption is correct, then I would suggest try to change the Purchase Price Determination sequence and see.

You might get this error, when the determined cost price is not correct or the margin for selling price is maintained such a way which gives a selling price very high.

Also, if my assumption is correct, this should be transferred to Retail space.



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You have not explained why you have gone in for Z transaction code and what is the standard tcode for that.  Anyway, have a look at the following notes:-

  1. Note 567438 - Sales pricing: Incorrect calculation of actual markups
  2. Note 981043 - TC: WV105 occurs in Sales-side TC when price is changed
  3. Note 772420 - Incorrect costing data with the WV105 overrun error

G. Lakshmipathi