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Modelling Capacity Restriction in F&R

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Hi, I am attempting to model the following scenario in F&R. However, I do not have the exact know-how of how to do it. Can someone please throw some light on the same.


My supply network has 2 vendors supplying to a DC & Store. Let's say one of my preferred vendors can only supply 500 units of a particular product (production quantity restriction).

Now, after having executed a forecast, I get an OP for the said product and vendor for quantity 1000 units.

How do I model this constraint so that the system only plans for a maximum of 500 units and the balance 500 units of requirement are automatically passed on to the other vendor or the DC, depending on the availability?


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Just follow the steps:

under IMG: MMConsuption based planningReplenishment control--followon documents

here choose ur inbound profile, under document control--Document cat. default-choose 'C'

and do the necessary settings over there.

Hope this will help u



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Hi GK, thanks for your response but my query still remains unanswered. I am looking at modelling the said scenario in F&R and not in the ERp system. I am re-iterating my problem here.

I wish to know if F&R does CONSTRAIN based planning- is there a way to tell the system that the vendor has only so much capacity and that anything planned in excess must be planned/ shifted to some other vendor?

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This functionality of performing of kind ATP Check when performing the Source Of Supply determination and use a different vendor since the capacity of one of the vendor is restricted is not available in SAP F&R standard.

Since this capacity is dynamically calculated / checked by the available stock or production capacity also these stock data or capacity to be delivered by the vendor must exist in F&R and does not exist in standard.


Best Regards,


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Thanks a lot for your answer!