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Hi Friends,

A site has been created(WB01) using a wrong Site profile and Reference site?

Is it possible to change the site profile and the reference site?

NOTE : I have read in that it is not possible to change the site profile,once the site is created

Thanks and Rgds,

Aram K.


Active Contributor
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Hi Aram, can't modify or delete.

If you don't want....then you have use Site Discontinuation (Archiving).

You can use this function to discontinue sites created in the system if you no longer require them.

A site always contains customer data, and may also contain vendor data. A site is archived in three steps to take account of this:

1. Customer data is archived (archiving object FI_ACCRECV)

2. Vendor data is archived (archiving object FI_ACCPAYB)

3. General site data is archived (archiving object WS_ACSITE)

This process ensures that the customer and vendor data for a site is archived in the appropriate customer and vendor archive files. The advantage of this is that customer or vendor data that is needed at a later date can be accessed directly from the appropriate archive files.