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how can we generate TLog file from SAP POS

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Hi Friends,

I want to genrate a sap pos tlog file.

Kindly please provide me the detailed procedure of generting the tlog file from SAP POS system.

Kindly also provide me the information that can we generate the tlog file from SAP IS Retail system or we have altogether different system for this.


Narendra Goyal


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Narendra,

(Specific to SAP POS General Merchandise)

A Tlog is binary file created by selling items via SAP POS. The file must be converted into ASCII by the use of a utility called cvtlog.exe or trickled to other systems. Once the tlog is converted to ASCII it contains all the information required to feed downstream systems such as ERP, POS DMu2026.etc.

Hope that helps


For detailed information on SAP POS dataflow and TLOG Formats please see this link

or navigate to and follow the below links

Documentation -> SAP for Industries -> SAP for Retail

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Hi Narendra,

What version of SAP POS are you running?

Are you just looking for instructions on how to convert the binary .txn file into a readable ASCII file?


Mark Maharaj

Senior Support Consultant I

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Hi Narendra

As said Mark depends on the version, generally used CVTLOG:

You can automate the creation of tlog adding it to a Manager Code or the function End Of Day (Store Manager) if you generate a total sale.


Isaac Mendiola