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First 50 bills for the customers will get discount

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Hi Experts,

I am creating a promotion in SAP POS like First 50 bills for the customers will get 20 percent discount for a particular date range and as the 51st bill created this promo should not apply

I am unable to create this promo. Is it possible to create this promotion in SAP POS (SAP Triversity) and if yes then what would be the procedure to create this promo in SAP POS (SAP Triversity) ?

Prompt response will be highly appriciated.


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Hi Vikas,

You can check in Promotion Criteria, if such provision exists,

But I suppose 2 option exists:

a. Promotional prices for a single PLU

b. Promotional prices for a group of PLUs

Defining of range also talks about defining a range (high-low ) within which the price of the items must fall to be eligible for the promotion

You can tweak on some other things, Pricing Method section,Pricing Target Type field or others to see this scenario of your's is possible or not in SAP POS.

Hope it helps.


Anirban Roy

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Hi Anirban,

thanks .

Actually creating a simple 20% discount is very much acheivable in SAP POS. but the chalenge i am facing is to how can it be replicated with Bill count. because the promo should run till a particular range of bill count like 1 to 50 th bill of the day. I think some SAP POS expertes can give some light on this ?

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Hi Vikas

SAP POS doesnt support the Nth customer functionality. The below solution may help

1) Copy 190 regular sale and create UDT

2) Attach the discount of 20% to the UDT

3) Use this UDT for the first 50 transactions (cashier should be aware)

4) use the regular sale transaction from 51th txn

If its India, you will not miss the series of sales invoice number as this can be managed by the pos.ini setting very well


Suhail Shaik