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File Access via ABAP-Report

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Hello experts,

For a customer image data are stored to an external server; the data should be checked for their existence. The data are stored in the following way:





The file server \\sparnas01\ can be reached in the internal network.

Now a ABAP report needs to be developed which will be able to check the existence of such files.

I cannot use the SAP GUI Service to check the files, because the report will run in the background as job.

How can I access to these files to check the existence?

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Best regards,



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Hi Kurt,

You can take help of ABAPer to use function RFC_REMOTE_FILE for working with files lying on network server. Also you need to map the network drive on your presentation server to get access locally.

You can refer a good document on this RFC function to be used in Background mode.

If this link does not work from here, you can paste it in browser and will open a PDF document.

Apart from this, there are some FTP function calls which helps in managing the files on network. You explore them as well.

I hope this will help.



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Hello, you can use fm EPS_GET_DIRECTORY_LISTING. you can pass the path in DIR_NAME and a mask. In the table DIR_LIST you get a list of all the files in the directory.