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Deleting a material completely in SAP Retail

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Hi Everyone,

I want to delete a product completely in the Retail Sector. Is there a way for this? I tried SARA t-code but it didn't work.



Using T-Code SARA is the proper way to Archive an Article Master in SAP Retail.

Help us to help you ... explain step-by-step what you tried and precisely what you mean by "it didn't work." What error messages in the log did you find, exactly?

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After all the steps are done correctly in Sara, I get an error saying "All available file names are already being used" and the material is not archived for deletion. I will be glad if you help


It sounds like you have not performed prerequisite steps for using SARA. This is not a Retail question or a Material Master or Article Master question ... prerequisite steps are a requirement for using SARA with any business object, and then there is customizing you must perform for each business object (in this case MM_MATNR).

Before using SARA you have to ask Basis team to setup logical path and file name. In your customizing for SARA you will specify the Logical File Name.

FILE – Assignment of Physical Paths to Logical Paths

Archive files are stored in the file system of the SAP Application Server under a physical path and file name that is derived from a user-definable logical path or file name. The definition can be divided into the following steps:

1. Definition of the logical path name

2. Definition of the logical file name

3. Assignment of the logical file name for the archiving object.

By default, the system uses the logical file name ARCHIVE_DATA_FILE and the logical path name ARCHIVE GLOBAL PATH as defaults. Consequently, the names only need to be changed if they have to be adjusted to meet special requirements.

See SAP Note 35992 - File name/directory for application archiving.

FILE – Assignment of Physical Paths to Logical PathsLogical file: e.g. ARCHIVE_DATA_FILE
Logical path: e.g. ARCHIVE_GLOBAL_PATH
SARA – CustomizingIf this is the first time for this object, a client-specific variant for TEST and PRODUCTION must be created.
Click the Customizing button.
Choose to maintain Technical Settings. It is here that you'll specify the Logical File Name to be used for your business object.
Also, refer to SAP Note 1791466 - How to avoid running out of available file names when archiving