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can i define walk in customer as a dummy customer

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hi Experts

can i define walk in customer as a dummy customer (Customer name ABC and all data dummy Customer no ABC001 )

Any walk in customer come to store i will create Invoice to only ABC Customer

is it right or any other way we can handle

please guide



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Hi ,,

Eventhough you can create an anonymus customer and upload the data (sales and collection) for the same , It is not advisable . To maintain the history of the walk- in customer, third party tools (loyalty , CRM , ..etc) applications are used.


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Hi Hanumant,

I agree with jonkky , as it is not advisable.

But , in case you wish to go for it.

Let's assume there are 2 type customers in your scenario:

a. Prospective Customer (the one who walks in to the shop and may/may not buy your product)

b. Customer (a customer buys atleast some thing from the shop)

Use account group 0170 (Consumer) as your prospective customer.

Now if he/she buys your article , before billing change the customer account group (Tcode: XD07) for that prospective customer to KUNA/DEBI/0160 as may be the case, and then do the billing.

Ex: Today 10 prospective customer visited the shop , if PC = PC001......PC010, but only 3 brought some thing.

Assume PC003, PC006, PC007 bought ---> before billing change cust a/c to KUNA/DEBI --> CU003,CU006,CU007 --> Do the billing.

Buy this way you can keep an account how many customer (prospective -0170 type) came into your shop, and how many customer (KUNA/DEBI/0160) actually bought something.

You can use Sales-->Sales Support --> Sales Activites ---Create (VC01) to do some limited CRM type stuff. Obviously some config, and Z reports are needed to do this functionality as per your need.

Especially this can be helpful, untill you buy some CRM product.

Hope it helps.


Anirban Roy

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Hi Roy

Thanks a lot for reply

here Client don't want anything @ prospective customer and don't want to create customer data though he buy something

e.g. 100 person come to store and among them supose only 40 person buy some thing and they went

here all this 100 person are walk in customer and client don't have any kind of information or data of all customer (because this is not a fix customer ) and client don't want to create customer master for that

so here my question is

can i create a single customer by XD01 name of customer is walk in customer and customer no is suppose w0001

so any walk in customer come in store (e.g. above 40 customer in a day) every time i will take that customer w0001 and create bill so in my customer master data only one customer exist for all walk in customer

this is right or shall i do anything else to map this scenario ?????


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Hi Hanumant,

One-time customer records (Type: CPD,CPDA) should be used in these purposes.

But since your client wants to avoid wasting computer storage space, they wish not to created individual master records on one-time customers, as they will not continue them as business partners.

Hence you case,you can create one or more dummy customers and include data that are identical for a certain group of customers, eg. based on location...etc. Thus you can process billing, without creating N no. of customers.

But this practice exposes the organization to considerable risk. For example, customer service personnel may use these dummy customer files to process orders from clients who are not on the approved customer list; or to process sales orders for customers who are blocked from processing, due to bad credit or other issues.

You may also have a look on the following ppt.

Hope it helps.


Anirban Roy