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Article Reclassification Error in WRCR

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I am trying to reclassify the merchandise catergory for a single article.

I am using Tx WRCR to do so... but when I execute I get an error saying "W7050 Enter a plant or a valuation area"

Please suggest...



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Hi Ron,

this is a special transaction for single articles and it works like the combination of WRC4 and WRCV.

The error message will be raised in a value article find function.

I guess we have to debug here.

Please set a break point in function module VALUE_ARTICLE_FIND

run the report can post the call stack.

One Idea could be check the table WRF6 for the source and the target MC and check the sites.

Look at table T001W and check if the field T001W-BWKEY is filled in all cases.

If such an entry is used in WRF6 table, here is the bug.

Easier, open an customer message with this issue and someone will check the reason.



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As I expected, the reason of this issue is a data inconsistency.

Ensure that in table T001W for every field in BWKEY, an entry is available.