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Article Not sent during initialisation of a store

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Dear Experts,

   I am experiencing a very different problem in R3 ECC.

I have an article which is listed, Assortment list type maintained, Price, Tax maintained etc.

But when i initialise the store, the same article is not getting picked. I have checked all the settings like BD52, activate change pointers etc but i could not figure out why such thing happened.

I checked the BDCP2 entries for table WLK1 also, i could find the same article in "Key" field and the change pointers were successfully created. But when i do WDBI_HPR, that article was not picked ny any idoc.

Does anyone know what might be the problem???


Kiran Thorat


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go to article , environment , display documents and check if Marc entry was made .


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Dear Kiran,

Basically when using the initialization the articles get transferred.

Now in case it is not then it might be due to the

Improper listing,

Price maintenance issues,

Entries in WLK2 tables,

Assortment List Type mismatch...etc

Now I would suggest you to check WPHF transaction which would tell us what the error would be.


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Hello Govind,

   Thanks for your help but i checked everything.

Price, Assortment list type, Listing both WLK1 and WLK2. Eveything is perfect.

It migh have happened that the MARC entry might not have been created during the listing of this article. Later on that was created.

But i tried to figure out how to find the creation date of MARC, as i want to know whether MARC was created during the time of listing or not, as this might be also the reason why the article was not sent during initialisation.

Does anyone know how to find the date on which MARC was created??

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Dear Kiran,

Please check the transaction MM50. It lists the articles based on date for the maintenance status for the site.

Also check for table MSTA and field ERSDA

MSTA is the article maintenance status table and ERSDA is the date on which the record was created.