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Women in management have become (again!) quite a hot topic du jour, as evidenced at least in part by the

tremendous popularity of Sheryl’s Sandberg recent book Lean In, and leading female CEOs like Marissa Meyer and Meg Whitman being placed front and center not just for what they do, but how they do it.

According to SAP’s Carol Mackenzie, “I’ve been in the workforce now for more than 30 years myself and was raised in the period when the glimmer of the possibility of women “having it all” began to appear on the distant horizon. I internalized a definition of “it all” that closely mirrored blogger Christine Hassler’s: “…we expect that not only are we supposed to have it all but do it all at 100 percent: the career, relationship, children/family all while looking good, doing good and being good.” (from “The Myth of Having It All” April 2010)."

Women outnumber men in receiving college graduation degrees (57%), but as careers mature, women’s presence declines in the workplace overall.  Twenty one of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women.  Women hold 14% of executive officer positions. Is it possible to have it all while successfully climbing the career ladder?

The SAP Leadership Summit and SAP Retail Forum this fall will feature a panel bringing together an extremely talented group of accomplished professionals to talk about their career journeys, what success meant to them, and provide advice that we all can use as we progress our own unique paths.

Register today to attend the SAP Retail Forum and join us at the Women’s Leadership Breakfast to discuss what it means to really have “it all.”

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