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Consultant Bio:

My Name is Hannah Tajo and I am an Associate Consultant specializing in CRM rapid-deployment solutions. I have been with SAP for almost 3 years and have worked on over 15 rapid-deployment implementations. I recently had an interesting rapid-deployment implementation for a retail company in the Midwest. 

Customer Challenges:

The customer needed to develop a marketing and sales account repository to effectively manage customer relationships.  They also wanted to narrow the scope of work to improve efficiency by streamlining transactional work and enhancing reporting capabilities.  These targets were easily met with the out-of-the box functionality provided by SAP CRM RDS.  When the customer wanted to go beyond the capabilities of the RDS to improve existing functionality, the customer was already one step closer by having the knowledge to make these goals a reality.  With additional customization, the customer could enhance online ordering capabilities and improve pricing processes and tools including faster analytics and forecasting. 

The Rapid Deployment Implementation:

The RDS implementation gave the customer a great deal of functionality in a short period of time at an inexpensive price.  The entire project was extremely fast-paced. In as little as 14 weeks, the customer was able to implement account and contact, activity management, lean campaign management, opportunity, quotes and orders.

Besides the fixed scope and fixed price aspect, RDS has a major distinction from traditional implementation projects that served as an asset to our retail customer.  The majority of the project could be done remotely.  Initially, we were on-site with the customer to complete the solution validation workshop.  Here we gathered the necessary requirements to build a custom-tailored CRM system to get the customer up and running. These configuration changes enabled the customer to utilize RDS system to fit their current business processes.  During the workshop, the customer meticulously documented gaps and needs they could address during future blueprinting, saving them time and money down the road.  The customer had a huge head start for their next phase since they already had access to the guidance and advice from SAP consultants.

Once all the decisions were finalized, we were ready to move to the realization phase.  As we configured the system, we worked closely with the customer through remote meetings and phone calls to complete various knowledge transfers.  We gave the customer detailed documentation, recorded step-by-step videos, and cutover assistance to ensure they thoroughly understood the CRM system.  This knowledge is one of the greatest values from an RDS, since they can learn so much in such a short amount of time.  Additionally, to reinforce the knowledge, customers are responsible for the testing, training, and cutover tasks – with SAP help of course.


RDS allows customer to appropriately scale their business in a fast, cost-effective, proven approach. The RDS implementation allowed the customer to get more time and hands-on experience with the CRM system.  They were able to learn the standard functionality and configuration, making them more knowledgeable and ready to grow and expand the system.  Further, they utilized the standard functionality and tailored their current business processes so it would be much easier for future implementations.  Seeing the tailored system filled with their naming conventions and master data got the end user’s wheels turning and thinking about any improvements they may need.  The end result was a truly invaluable tool.

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