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Smart Recommendations for GTM Trading Expense

This is the continuation of the blog posted by Sudhir Verma on Jul 3, 2012

In his blog, he has already mentioned that the purpose of this enhancement is to make the user interface smart.


  • Suppose a new user who is creating TC for the first time for a vendor V1 and Material M1. He or she may not know all the expense incurred in the past for vendor V1 and material M1. If we propose the history of past expenses then it will be easy for him/her to recognize all the planned expenses that would be required for creation of Trading Contract.

  • Even for an existing user, in the current GTM system entering the expense data can become cumbersome if the expense conditions are not defaulted or we don’t want to enter the default expense. we need to have complete technical knowledge of the expenses data then only we can enter an expense in the Trading Contract. With this new feature which can be added to the Trading Contract, Expense Area we can make the entering of expense data very fast and easy.

Below is an example on how to use new functionality:

Step1:  Go to Transaction WB21


Step2: Go to the overview screen, (Press F6),

           Enter the Vendor Material and Plant

Step 3:

Go to the expense screen (Ctrl+F11)


Press the push button to propose the expenses 

A pop will appear with all expense that has been incurred in previous 50 TCs for the vendor and material entered in TC.

Choose one the expense. Then it will be automatically copied.

Step 5:

Go to the next tab for planned expense with settlement:


Here again, press the push button to propose the expenses on sales or purchase side  and choose the expense based on the past history. It will be copied automatically.

SAP has delivered this enhancement to customer from EHP-7 onwards.

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