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Dear Friends,

When working on POS Integration support and implementation activities, many time we come across a situation when we need to find whether in SAP outbound specific content has been transferred or not. This document demonstrate the use of transaction code WE10 to search a specific content in outbound IDocs.

It is very much required that before we use transaction code WE10, we understand the IDoc structure and its segments with contents. In order to better understand an IDoc, we can use a IDoc documentation transaction WE60. Let me tell how we can see structure of Assortment List IDoc (WBBDLD).

Go to transaction WE60 and provide WBBDLD06 in Basic type field.

Click on HTML format button of press F8. The output of this transaction code display the structure of assortment list IDoc.

You can click on Structure hyperlink for each segment to understand the fields inside the segment.  Please note that the Article Number in Assortment list IDoc in segment E1WBB01 and field is MATNR. This information is required for search process.

Now let me demonstrate how to find out whether a specific article has been transferred to POS or not.

Go to transaction code WE10 to launch the Search process for IDoc.

In order to search as per our requirement we need to provide following data in the selection screen.

Mention the date range where you want to find the IDoc transferred during the given period. In Direction field provide 1 for Outbound.

Further in the screen, go to field Partner Number of Receiver and provide the store code for which you want to find the IDoc.

Now define your search criteria per IDoc. Go to field Search in Segment field and give your segment name E1WBB01. Now we need to give the field name MATNR as we are searching of article number. You can specify your required field from the segment structure. In field Value provide your article number and Click on Execute.

You can join one more condition with AND operator for more specific search. After execution the report will list of IDocs where this article was downloaded to given store.

Now you can click on any IDoc number in the list to get more details of an IDoc.



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