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Technical Overview:

The new functionality enhances the integration of SAP F&R and SAP Retail. Exception based ordering can now be executed on SAP F&R and SAP Retail. For this new interfaces and procedures have been provided to transfer F&R order proposals as well as F&R exception from SAP F&R to SAP Retail.

Automatically generated or manually entered order proposals can be transferred from F&R to SAP Retail purchase orders thru mass enabled procedures. Criteria for the transfer (e.g. supplier, site, purchasing organization, purchasing group, delivery date) can be defined as selection criteria.

Implications on Use Case:

Order list items (articles) are delivered by various suppliers. The new functionality automatically groups articles to source of supplies (suppliers). Thus store associates do not need to care about suppliers and are enabled to focus on quantity review.

The new functionality especially supports the usage of offline capable mobile devices. The user may confirm, change or enter new order list items on the device. The grouping mechanism ensures the update/creation of the appropriate purchase orders.

Source of order proposals and exceptions shown on mobile devices in the store could be either SAP F&R or SAP Retail.

Implementation Details:

When transferring order proposals from SAP F&R to SAP Retail purchase orders, proposals are persisted in staging tables first (depending on customizing; for GK integration mandatory). Staging entries are transferred to purchase orders executing report R_MMPUR_RPO_START_PROCESSING, which is designed for mass processing and can be parallelised. The report can be scheduled to run periodically, and recognizes in each run whether existing order items were changed, or new order items were created.

The created purchase orders can be released automatically (with a defined schedule) or manually. The release functionality is based on the “park and hold” function for purchase orders.

See the above mentioned screen for the report R_MMPUR_RPO_START_PROCESSING:

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