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The Evolving Dynamics

Today shoppers demand a high level of diverse engagement across all sales channels be it on physical stores or on digital storefronts such as an e-commerce website or mobile app.

Store owners are constantly under pressure to deliver a consistent sales experience to users because of increasing competition. The one who has the most awareness about his customers is the one who can create the best shopping experience. So how do you amass customer data from multiple sales channels in one place?

The solution – READ

The answer is READ pointing Retail Engagement Analysis and Discovery. Simply, it is a one stop solution, which collects Customer information, Sales, Inventory and Social Media data at a single point. It enables retailers to better understand consumer shopping trends and behavior and deliver the most consistent experiences across all customer contact channels.

The future of retail lies in predicting what your customer is going to buy next and when. This helps you tailor your shopping infrastructure to ultimately be at the forefront when the shopping actually happens. With READ you are already in that league of future retailers.

Want to see how READ makes a difference in your retail? Get in touch with us @ or visit Solutions | Applexus Technolgies