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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In Q1 we provide three updated rapid-deployment solutions for Retail resp. packages with retail content.

SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution and SAP HANA Assortment Planning rapid-deployment solution are upgraded to SAP Customer Activity Repository retail application bundle 1.0, FP2. SAP Hybris Marketing rapid-deployment solution (RDS) is now available on the SAP Hybris Marketing 1.2 1511 release.

What’s new in SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution?

You can use either an SAP Merchandising for Retail (aka IS-Retail) or a SAP Fashion Management system as the SAP ERP backend.

This also has some impact on other functionalities, e.g. season from SAP Fashion Management needs to be considered also in the POS data Transfer and Audit configuration.

SAP HANA Customer Activity Repository rapid-deployment solution provides now the configuration of the On-Shelf Availability algorithms that you can use to detect and visualize anomalies of product sales patterns in stores. It also explains the results, so that you can take further actions to optimize your business. It does not contain a user interface.

In the area of Demand Data Foundation, a pre-built SAP Fiori Smart Business dashboard enables you now to analyze the quality of the forecast.

SAP Fiori App Analyze Forecast

Additional pre-built analytics leveraging SAP Lumira complete here the analysis of your forecast results. The Intraday Forecast Analysis combines the insights from On-Shelf Availability (intraday distribution pattern) and UDF (daily forecast) into one view to analyze when throughout the day you will run out of stock for a particular item. You can also check the accuracy of your forecast at different product/location combinations or different hierarchy levels.

Intraday Forecast Analytics

You want to know more about the content already delivered with older versions? Check out this blog.

You want to know more about the latest version? Please download the RDS content here. Or look at this offline demo. 

What’s new in SAP HANA Assortment Planning for Retail rapid-deployment solution?

The SAP HANA Assortment Planning for Retail rapid-deployment solution is based on SAP Customer Activity Repository – and therefore the possibility to choose the backend is also given here.

This implicates also new or enhanced functionalities in the solution itself in case you connect your SAP Customer Activity Repository (and with that your SAP Assortment Planning for Retail) to a SAP Fashion Management. You can use in severals apps now also Season, Collection and Theme as an entry point, and you can export finally so called Planned Independent Requirements (PIR) in order to hand over planned requirements from SAP Assortment Planning for Retail to SAP Fashion Management.

The package reflects of course also new features delivered with FP02. Let me briefly mention here the possibility to create global modules, the new product attribute inheritance, the integration with the new SAP Merchandise Planning for Retail solution, time dependent product hierarchies and so on.

We enhanced and updated also the pre-built SAP Lumira content (Location Analysis, Location Cluster Analysis and Cross and In-season Analysis) based on feedback we received so far. We offer now a new SAP Lumira Story related to Product Attributes. Product Attribute Analysis illustrates the distribution of sales KPI‘s to attribute values in order to detect trends in customer buying behavior.

Product Attribute Analysis

Please check also my last blog about this package ....  and use the detailed information on Service Market place to take advantage of our pre-configuration and assets. You can also look at this offline demo.

What’s new SAP Hybris Marketing rapid-deployment solution?

Compared to the former RDS version, the scope has remained stable because the upgrade was mainly a technical upgrade. Since the last version, it includes a special model for Retail industry and fits perfectly to SAP Customer Activity Repository. Hybris Marketing for Retail enables you to discover new insights into your customers, identifying common attributes, interests, behaviors and priorities. Use the data from the omni-channel SAP Customer Activity Repository to better understand what your customers really want and assign them to target groups. To define these groups you can use common criteria, like age, gender, sales volumes, preferred buying channel, and many more. In a next step you can use these groups for marketing activities, like campaigns or product recommendations, and thus optimize the response and conversion rates.

For more details please check the following blog.

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